Born To Die...

So to combat my no luck with women, either them using me, wanting different things as each other, or generally don’t like me haha I got set up on a date last night with someone I hadn’t met but was a friend of friend, only being told that we had similar taste in music and such! To my surprise we actually clicked, get a long so well and just generally have similar taste in everything! Having a 2nd date now on Thursday, hopefully goes aswell as the first!

#Stillsmilingeartoear #badluckmaybeabouttoend #fingescrossed

Don’t flirt with me, don’t make me feel like I mean something to you, don’t make me feel safe and happy, don’t let me think you like me, don’t let me think I have a chance, don’t let me fall in love with you, if it’s all just a game in your world.

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  •  = You’re my crush tumblr.
  •  = I love your tumblr.
  • ✄ = I love you.
  • Σ = I want to fuck you.
  •  = You’re hot.
  • ☁ = You’re beautiful.
  • ☂ = You check out my blog.
  • ♕ = You inspire me.
  • ♔ = I wish we talked.
  • ☯ = I wish we were friends in real life.
  • ♋ = I wish you were my mate
  • ♫ = I really think about you ALOT
  • ✖ = You’re ugly.
  • ☢ = I don’t like you.
  • ✡ = I hate you.
  • ☠: Your blog sucks, bitch.
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Anonymous asked: Well who was the lucky person?

I wouldn’t consider her lucky, like I’ve said people’s opinions change of me once they meet me!

Anonymous asked: If you could meet one person off tumblr who would it be?

I’ve already met the person ;)